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Julie Santiago
Senior Fiscal Services Administrator
MEA of TeamHealth
"I have been a COREmatica user for almost two years and cannot say enough positive things about the program. COREmatica is very user-friendly and can perform payroll scenarios that are quite amazing. COREmatica has allowed our group to begin implementing RVU programs in multiple emergency departments and has had a very positive impact for both patient and physician satisfaction. Not only is COREmatica a powerful payroll processing tool, the people behind the program are just as amazing. The customer support has been phenomenal and has gone above and beyond in helping our group walk through the simplest to the most complex issues as we have begun implementing our RVU programs."
Dominic Bagnoli Jr., MD, FACEP, FAAEM
Chief Executive Officer
EMP Management Group, Ltd.
"I am impressed with COREmatica’s ability to successfully handle the complexities of our EMP payroll. When they say, “If you can say it, we can pay it”, they mean it! If COREmatica can handle our complex clinician payroll requirements, it can handle anyone‘s."
Kathleen Wilson, CMA, CPP
Director of Payroll
Emergency Physicians Medical Group, PC
"COREmatica gives us the ability to customize our compensation plans to target specific client strategies for patient satisfaction, quality and throughput initiatives on a site by site or even on an individual provider basis. We use COREmatica to provide timely, quantitative feedback on performance to our employees and our clients."
Peter Wm. Sullivan, MD
VP & Secretary
San Francisco Emergency Medical Associates
Working with COREmatica has been terrific. By using their outsourcing service, I’ve been able to reduce the time I have to spend on payroll by about a half or a little more. They are always available when I need them, and they’ve been able to answer all the docs’ questions too. When we were setting up everything in COREmatica, I had to go back and look at the structure of our payroll, and I found that some mistakes were being made. We save time, money, and we know our payroll is accurate with COREmatica.

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